Måneskin on sex appeal in rock music: “We don’t feel we should restrict ourselves”

Italian rockers Måneskin don't shy away from expressing themselves.

Italian rock band Måneskin have opened up on their approach to sex appeal in rock music, and why authenticity is important to success.

The band shot to global fame after winning 2021’s Eurovision Song Contest for Italy with their song Zitti e Buoni.

Their third album RUSH! is set for release in January 2023, and guitarist Thomas Raggi and bassist Victoria De Angelis have spoken about their journey to stardom in a new interview with Guitar World.


“We don’t really overthink what we do, We’ve always tried to be very true to our instincts and just do what we like, Raggi said.

De Angelis chimed in, “I think other bands try too hard to do what the industry tells them, but fans can tell if it’s fake,” she said. “If we were to even try to go that way, we would know right away we weren’t being genuine. It wouldn’t be satisfying to do what you don’t believe in, so we don’t do it.”

The band were then asked about their approach to expressing sex appeal on stage and the cynicism they’ve faced for doing so, to which De Angelis replied, “We don’t feel like we should restrict ourselves in any way. There are underground bands that are like, ‘I’m not dressing up’ and all of that thing, and that’s cool. But we don’t care about that. We love to dress up and have fun.”

She continued, “We know we can deliver the music, so we’re not all about image. But for us to look the way that we do, it’s just who we are. It’s rock ‘n’ roll.”

Måneskin racked up a huge two billion Spotify streams in 2021, and a study from January 2022 revealed that they were one of the top bands that could be pinpointed for causing a resurgence in the popularity of rock music.