Marcus King’s first solo album will be released next year, with Dan Auerbach producing

The US blues guitarist will step out on his own with the help of the Black Keys man and his Easy Eye Sound house band.

Marcus King’s debut solo album, El Dorado, will be produced by Dan Auerbach and released early next year. The album was recorded in the Black Keys guitarist’s own Easy Eye Sounds Studio, using his all-star Easy Eye house band.

King has been playing and recording with the Marcus King Band since 2013, and in that time has released three well-received albums, but this will be the first time that he steps out on his own as a solo artist.

The album promises to showcase King’s soulful voice and slick guitar playing – varying from subtle, pedal steel-driven R&B and country to blistering electric blues.


There seems to be no stopping the 23-year-old blues virtuoso’s meteoric rise to guitar-stardom – he has already seen the announcement of a signature ES-345, played this year’s Crossroads festival and released three studio albums with The Marcus King Band.

Listen to The Marcus King Band’s latest studio release below:

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