Mark Tremonti is starting his own guitar pedal company: “Of course I’m going after the Klon”

“Just like everything else, I’m going to try and keep them real affordable, real user-friendly.”

Alter Bridge’s Mark Tremonti has announced his plans to start a guitar pedal company. The guitarist says he already has three pedals in mind, and will be keeping things “real affordable”.

Tremonti revealed the exciting news in a recent episode of Premier Guitar‘s Rig Rundown, where he introduced his live pedalboard, including a DIY-looking Uni-Vibe clone.

“I’m starting a pedal manufacturing company. It will be a fun project,” he says [via Guitar World]. “Just like everything else, I’m going to try and keep them real affordable, real user-friendly.”

Mark Tremonti's Uni-Vibe clone
Image: Mark Tremonti’s Uni-Vibe clone / Premier Guitar

Explaining that the pedal we’re looking at is a “Uni-Vibe-type pedal,” Tremonti says that “This is a prototype for a new pedal I’m developing. I’m trying to develop a whole line of pedals — I don’t know what we’re going to call them yet, but I want to come out with three pedals first.”

He adds, “This one is a modulation-style [pedal]. It’s got a lot of pure vibe. I don’t use it much live, but there’s three or four songs that I’ll use it in.”

As mentioned, Tremonti is currently working on two more pedals in addition to the Uni-Vibe.

“So right now I’ve got this pedal, I’ve got a tremolo pedal… and then we’re going to do an overdrive,” he says, “which is a tricky one because of course I’m going after the Klon [Centaur]. Everybody’s going after the Klon.”
“Everybody’s like, ‘We got it, we got the Klon,’ and then I’ll hear it, I’m like, ‘You don’t have the Klon.’ It’s like the Dumble thing. People are like, ‘We’ve got this thing that sounds like a Dumble.’ It does not sound like a Dumble.”

“I want it to be transparent, I want it to sound like the Klon, and I don’t want it to be $8,000 – I want it to be 200 bucks,” Tremonti says.

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