Neil Young dismisses his copyright lawsuit against Donald Trump

Trump appears clear to keep on rockin' in the free world.

Neil Young won’t be suing Donald Trump after all. The 75-year-old musician has reportedly withdrawn his civil lawsuit against the US President.

Back in August, Young filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the Trump campaign for its unauthorised use of Devil’s Sidewalk and Rockin’ In The Free World at the President’s re-election rallies.

A screenshot shared today (8 December) by The New York Times‘ Ben Sisario showed an alleged notice of dismissal from Young via his attorney.


Per the legal notice, Young “hereby voluntarily dismisses all claims against Donal [sic] J. Trump for President, Inc. with prejudice” – meaning any right to pursue the claim in another suit has been forfeit.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a dismissal with prejudice typically suggests that a settlement had been reached.

Earlier this year, Young and several other artists condemned the use of their music at Trump’s re-election rallies. Linkin Park, John Fogerty and the estate of Tom Petty each sent cease-and-desist orders to the campaign.

Young has been a vocal critic of the President, even going so far as to rewrite his 2006 tune Lookin’ For A Leader in July this year to reference the Trump administration.

In August, Young penned an open letter entitled Hope in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. In it, he also referenced Trump: “That sorry man will not destroy the American Dream. He can see his power slipping away with the support he is losing in his own party.”


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