“It’s not sour grapes” Ted Nugent says comments on Joan Jett not deserving to be on ‘100 Greatest Guitarists’ list were “taken out of context”

“I wasn’t trying to single Joan Jett out. I was pointing out that the list is flawed, and it lacks players – like myself – deserving of inclusion.”

Ted Nugent has – once again – spoken on his beef with Joan Jett, claiming that his previous comments about the rockstar were “taken out of context and twisted”.

Earlier this year, the notoriously outspoken rocker proclaimed that one has to have “shit for brains” to have put Joan Jett on Rolling Stone’s list of 100 Greatest Guitarists, to which Jett fired back, saying “this is the guy who shit his pants — literally — so he didn’t have to go in the Army.”

While the public swinging has quietened down in recent months, in a new interview with Metal Castle, Nugent argued that it was the list he took issue with and not Jett, though he does stand by his original claim that Jett does not belong on it.

“I said she didn’t belong on Rolling Stone’s top 100 guitar players list, but I wasn’t criticising her; it was me criticising Rolling Stone. I praised her and called her an authoritative musical force with a great work ethic,” Nugent said. “I praised her, but I did say after the fact, “If Ted Nugent isn’t on that list, then someone like Joan Jett shouldn’t be on that list.”

Asked if he felt that his words were taken out of context, Nugent replied, “You bet they fucking were… But I do stand by what I said; Joan Jett should not be on that list if a guy like Rik Emmett isn’t on it. And she shouldn’t be added before guys like Derek St. Holmes and Dave Amato. Am I wrong?”

He continued, “Regardless, I wasn’t trying to single Joan Jett out. I was pointing out that the list is flawed, and it lacks players — like myself — deserving of inclusion. And that she shouldn’t be added before those players. Does that make sense, or am I crazy?”

“So, that’s all it was. It’s funny because I never referenced myself in the original interview. That didn’t come until later when I was challenged on it. It’s not sour grapes. Gals like Joan Jett and Joni Mitchell are on there, and I disagree that they should be there before other players. I love both of them. I worship them as artists. They’re not my favourite music, but I appreciate what they do.”

Pressed to give his final word (for now) on the matter, Nugent said, “I’ll tell you the same thing I said in the interview before it was taken out of context and twisted. I never said a negative word about Joan Jett, but she retaliated by spewing all kinds of hate and lies about me.”

“I praised her, but then she said I was jealous because I was not on the list. I never said that. Should I be on it? If you’re asking me, then yes, I feel I should be. But I also think that Dave Amato, Derek St. Holmes, Rickey Medlocke, and Rik Emmett should be.”

“If you want my honest opinion, Joan Jett is not in the top 100 guitar players. She’s certainly in the top 100 rock and rollers but not in the top 100 guitar players by any measure. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth.”

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