Nova Twins drop empowering new single, Puzzles

The guitar-wielding duo have dropped the latest single off upcoming album, Supernova

Nova Twins have released the latest single, Puzzles from their upcoming second album, Supernova.

The new track celebrates sex through a female lens, with empowering and honest lyrics. Their usual fuzzed up guitar work is present and punchy in true Nova Twins style, and still it remains a mystery what they keep on their pedal boards.

You can give the fierce new single a listen below:


In a statement reported by NME, Nova Twins spoke on how the track came to be, “Inspired by the many sexy R&B songs we love, we wanted to make a heavy rocked-out version of a song that makes us feel powerful.”

They went on to add, “It’s always been fine for men to vocalise liking sex, so why can’t the same rules apply to us? We’re women, we should be free to explore what we like in our songwriting! A general Nova Twins theme is that we’re always in control.”

Nova Twins, also known as Amy Love and Georgia South, are consistent Fender players, recently collaborating with them for their Player Plus series. They’ve often spoke up on only working with brands who they feel represent them, and are passionate about making space for women and women of colour in guitar-based music.

This new track ties lyrics typical of R&B such as “don’t want you for your money I make dollar on my own” with a playful riff in the style of nu-metal and punk. Puzzles is the fourth single released from the duo off their album which is set for release on June 17.

You can pre-order the album here, and get your hands on tickets for their tour here.