Ola Englund gives his take on the Billie Joe Armstrong Signature Les Paul Jr, compares it to a “toy guitar”

The YouTuber and metal guitarist wasn’t keen on the model, but his opinion on the case was quite the opposite.

Metal guitarist for The Haunted and YouTuber Ola Englund has shared his thoughts on the new Billie Joe Armstrong Signature Gibson Les Paul Junior, noting that it “looks like a toy guitar”.

The signature was launched last week, and is equipped with a wraparound bridge/tailpiece and a P-90 DC Dogear pickup that sets it apart from Armstrong’s 2018 signature LP Junior.

In Englund’s latest SWOLA video, he said of the model: “I think that looks like a toy guitar, a little bit. I guess that’s cool – very bare-bones; you have the one pickup, a pickguard, volume and tone [knobs].”

The case, however, he much preferred. Englund said, “Look at that case! I’m ready to have sex in that case right now! However, not with this particular guitar, because, in all honesty, I think it’s underwhelming. It looks like the Guitar Hero guitar. Is that only me? Very cool though, I love the case they made, that looks sick – I mean, that case alone will get you laid.”

You can watch Englund’s full video below:

Armstrong has said of his new signature, “The single cut 50’s Les Paul Jr has been the root of my guitar tone for over 20 years. Ever since I bought ‘Floyd’ my 1956 Sunburst Jr, in the early 2000’s I have been addicted. It’s a simple, raw, and powerful guitar that has a sound that just can’t be beat! Plug it straight into any tube amp, crank it and it will roar!”

Find out more on the model at Gibson.com.

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