Omar Apollo releases new song Dos Uno Nueve

In tribute to his home state.

Omar Apollo has released a new song, entitled Dos Uno Nueve. You can listen, and take a look at the official lyric video, above. The song in tribute to Indiana, and its title is Spanish for 219, the area code for his home state. In a statement, he said Indiana “will always have a place in [his] heart”.

“Growing up, I dealt with a lot of obstacles that shaped my personality,” he said. “My life is constantly changing; and as I’m adjusting to this new lifestyle of travelling, meeting people, and making music for a living, I’ll always love coming home to Indiana.”

The release follows that of the single Stayback, which came shortly after the announcement of his first full-length album. Apollo has previously released two EPs: Stereo and Friends.


Read our interview with Apollo here, which took place in mid-2019.

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