Plini releases two new short pieces: birds / surfers

Plini has released a set of two new micro compositions, entitled birds / surfers.

Writing on Facebook about the release, Plini said: “hi friends, a little bit of new music is available now for your listening pleasure.

He further explained the musical inspiration behind the two small pieces, saying that they were “inspired by two unrelated-but-similar-happy-accident photographs where an arrangement of birds in the sky and surfers in the sea looked like sheet music – so i transcribed the photos into melodies and this is the result. hope you enjoy xoxo”


He also shared the two respective photographs, posted on Instagram.



Take a listen to the pieces below.



Plini is known for his technical yet melodic instrumental compositions, and his signature Strandberg .boden 6, featuring a tasteful woodgrain finish and crescent moon fretboard inlay.

The songs are also available to purchase or stream here. For more music news, click here.