Robert Fripp asks “Why should I give a fuck” about King Crimson fans upset by Sunday Lunch

"My wife said to me, if all we've done in two years is help one person through their bad time, it's all worth it."

King Crimson‘s Robert Fripp has addressed fans of the band who were upset over his Sunday Lunch cover series with wife Toyah Wilcox, asking, “Why should I give a fuck?”

In a new interview with the Telegraph, Fripp shared how he and Toyah began their cover series, explaining, “At the beginning of lockdown, my wife handed me a tutu and a pair of her black tights and took me to the end of the garden and put on Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. My wife insists performers have a responsibility to lift people’s spirits in hard times. Do I respect that? My answer is yes, completely and utterly I do.”

He continued, “We’re keenly aware of what people have experienced during lockdown. I mean, banged up in a small apartment while your mother’s dying and you can’t go to the funeral. My wife said to me, if all we’ve done in two years is help one person through their bad time, it’s all worth it.”


“So I’m not sure if that meets a criteria of serving what is highest in music, but for me, it’s a real undertaking that I respect. And I am quite prepared to strap on a guitar and rock out to a classic riff in order to achieve it. But it upset some King Crimson fans.”

Fripp was rather more succinct in his message for those fans, stating emphatically, “At age 76, why should I give a fuck? This is my life.”

Fripp and Toyah recently released a cover of Korn’s Blind on the latest edition of their Sunday Lunch cover series. The duo were previously joined by Brit-pop artist Chesney Hawkes for four editions of the series, coming to a conclusion with last week’s cover of Fountains Of Wayne‘s Stacy’s Mom. 

Watch the video below: