RockBoard’s new PedalSafe keeps your stompboxes untouched in transit and on stage

Always use protection.

RockBoard's PedalSafe

Image: RockBoard

RockBoard has announced the new PedalSafe system, transparent covers that aim to protect your stompboxes from stray water, beer and dirt, as well as keep their controls set to your preferred settings throughout gigs and transport.

The rubber RockBoard covers come with removable caps, so you still get quick access to pedal’s controls, jacks and power sockets for any quick tweaks you need to make. The covers are attached to the actual stompboxes by means of mounting plates, in turn attached to each pedalboard with either screws or velcro tape, depending on your approach to commitment. In any case, the covers should prevent your expensive overdrives looking like they were fished out from a radioactive lake by the end of a tour.

Rockboard's PedalSafe
Image: RockBoard

The PedalSafe covers are also compatible with the RockBoard QuickMount system, available for a variety of standard pedal sizes, with no velcro required – simply screw them to your pedals using the screws from the back plates and click them into the slotted grid on the surface of your RockBoard. The covers are also available in a number of formats, for example standard Boss pedals, standard MXR and Electro-Harmonix pedals and so on.

The PedalSafe series starts at €13.80. Find out more at For more gear news, click here.


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