Satchel says AC/DC’s Malcolm Young influenced more guitarists than Eddie Van Halen or Eric Clapton

“Not enough guitar players talk about Malcolm Young.”

Malcolm Young of AC/DC and Satchel of Steel Panther

Image: Cleopatra Records / Mark Horton / Getty Images

Steel Panther guitarist Satchel argues that AC/DC’s Malcolm Young has a greater influence on the guitar world than Eddie Van Halen or Eric Clapton.

Describing the late AC/DC guitarist as possibly the greatest rock player of all time, Satchel spoke of how Malcolm is severely underrated as a guitarist even amongst the guitar-playing community.

“Not enough guitar players talk about Malcolm Young,” Satchel told Loudwire. “I’m gonna go out on a limb here. [Actually] I don’t think it’s a limb I’m going on, but I’m gonna say this: Malcolm Young was probably the most influential guitar player in rock. If not, in guitar [music, in general].”

“[He] probably influenced more people as a guitar player than Eddie Van Halen,” Satchel continued. “I’m saying this: more than Eddie Van Halen, Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton, and any guitar player, because think about all the bands that have come after AC/DC that have tried to write AC/DC-sounding songs with three chords.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the guitarist also named AC/DC’s seventh record Back in Black as one of the most influential albums from his teenage years, saying “Everybody thought they were done, right? Then they came out with Back in Black. What an inspiring record to come back with and just shove down everybody’s throat.”

Released in July 1980, the album was dedicated to the band’s late vocalist Bon Scott, who died just five months prior after a night of heavy drinking.

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