“That’s the band that kicked me out. F**king a**holes”: Sebastian Bach berates audience members wearing Skid Row and Madam X T-shirts

Bach has since clarified what happened during his Detroit show on social media…

Sebastian Bach on stage singing into a mic

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Sebastian Bach was not happy with a fan who attended his gig wearing a Skid Row shirt in Detroit earlier this week.

As part of his What Do I Got To Lose? tour, Bach performed in Detroit’s St. Andrews Hall, where he was filmed having the rather awkward exchange with the audience member. Bach joined Skid Row in 1987 following Matt Fallon’s departure, and was later fired in 1996.

There have been seven Skid Row vocalists in total. This includes the longstanding Johnny Solinger and more recently Lzzy Hale of Halestorm for a brief stint. The band are currently looking for a full-time replacement for Erik Grönwall, who announced his departure earlier this year.

Following the gig, speculation about what happened began circling online. Bach himself has since clarified that he not only called out a member for a Skid Row shirt, but also another who he says was wearing a Madam X top, another band he formerly fronted.

In a video shared to YouTube, Bach says, “Yeah! That’s the band that kicked me out,” seemingly pointing to the person wearing a Madam X shirt. “Yeah, killer. Great. Fucking assholes.”

In another clip later shared in the same video, Bach is captured also pointing to another audience member. “I’m fascinated by this shirt right here. This is Skid Row with what number singer? Seven, eight, nine? What number is that guy?

“Is that replacement number seven? Or number eight or number nine? And before you say, ‘Oh they don’t have nine’, I can fucking name every fucking one of them. How do you even wear that?”

He then adds, “Is that the guy from Dragonforce or TNT or whatever-the-fuck? Embarrassing. You guys miss the ‘80s or what?”

You can watch the moment below:

The audience member in the Skid Row shirt may well have had no ill intentions, but Bach’s version of events is as follows: “Hey internet, the horseshit never stops! Last night in Detroit I was confronted by a dude proudly wearing a Madam X shirt. A band, whom, as you can read in my book, spit in my face and kicked me out when I was 16-years-old. So I commented on that. Not mad at the guy for wearing it but not thrilled at staring at it either.

“Then there was some goofball wearing a Skid Faux shirt staring at his phone in the front row the whole show thinking somehow that would be appropriate. If you’re gonna wear a Skid Row shirt to my show, it would be appropriate to sport the Original Skid Row. Not some other band that lasted six months or whatever.”

Read the full statement below:

Sebastian Bach’s new album, Child Within The Man is out now. Find out more via his official website.

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