This streamer just nailed Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird on Guitar Hero at 300% speed – after 530 attempts

Carny Jared says he now holds “every major Guitar Hero 2 world record”.


Image: Youtube

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Anyone who’s played Guitar Hero knows the daunting prospect of tackling DragonForce’s Through the Fire and Flames or Van Halen’s Eruption on Expert mode.

However, streamer Carny Jared knows no such fear, and has pushed the boundaries even further by accurately playing Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird on Guitar Hero 2 – not only on Expert difficulty, but at 300% speed.

For those living under a rock and unaware of the culture-shaping video game, Guitar Hero allows users to play some of the most iconic classic rock tunes, using a plastic guitar. Think of Dance Dance Revolution, but instead of dancing, you’re shredding.

The Twitch streamer has made Guitar Hero history, after performing the notorious track a whopping 530 times to achieve the record.

You can watch the ridiculous moment below:

“This is the cumulative effort of many months,” writes Jared. “It took 533 FC runs to the solo and countless hours of frustration, but finally the Free Bird world record is absolutely annihilated.”

“Previous WR was 235%, this is 300%. I now hold every major Guitar Hero 2 world record. Time to beat Through the Fire and Flames FC record and take Guitar Hero 3.”

He also explains in the over five-hour long stream that he knows the tune so well he doesn’t always have to look at the screen, and instead looks at the stream chat. Legendary behaviour indeed.

According to the Guitar Hero Wiki, the current world record for Through The Fire and Flames (which is found on Guitar Hero III) is held by one randyladyman who achieved the score of 1,000,262 on 6 January 2019.

Best keep your eyes peeled to see if Jared can take the record. It may take a lot more than 530 attempts…


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