Sully Erna on the upcoming Godsmack album: “it might be the last record for us.”

The frontman confirms that the band have finished the upcoming album, but it may be the last release of their career.

In a recent interview, Godsmack vocalist Sully Erna spoke openly about the upcoming release from the band, later admitting that the album may mark the end of their discography. In the interview, the frontman also discussed his lengthy battle with COVID-19, describing how he often worried about how the virus would impact his future.

Speaking with Orlando-based rock station, 101.1 WJRR on Saturday (April 23), Erna provided listeners with an update on the band’s current plans, stating that the primary focus for the members was on their upcoming radio festivals and live international shows – not on creating new music.

“The first thing to do is these shows. We have four more to do over the next two weekends. And then it’s pretty loose until October,” he stated. “Then we start ‘touring touring’ in Europe, we do South America, we [play] some international [shows].”


Erna continued, explaining to the hosts Pat Lynch and Taco Bob that Godsmack’s long-awaited new album is finished, with singles from the upcoming release set to be released within the next few months.

However, the vocalist then continued to throw the future of the band into question, suggesting that the new album may be their last.

“We’ll be back [in the] first quarter of ‘23 with a new record,” Erna confirms. “The record’s finished; we’re done recording it. You should probably be hearing new music by summertime — mid-to-late summer — and then following it up with a second single and the full record by the top of ’23. That’s the plan.”

He adds, “we’re just gonna hit it one more time hard and heavy. And I’ve gotta tell you, this might be the last one for us — it might be the last record for us.”

Erna has yet to fully elaborate on the statement nor explain why the band may be calling it quits. However, within the interview, the frontman continued to discuss his extensive struggle with the COVID-19 virus, describing how the “gnarly” illness took its toll shortly after the Christmas period.

“I take really good care of myself. I’m a runner. I’ve boxed for over 20 years. And I’m onstage two hours a night [… so I assumed] if I was gonna get it, I figured I’d get sick like the normal flu get sick and then you push through it, but I definitely didn’t expect for it to knock me down the way it did,” he admits.


Godsmack Frontman, Sully Erna in 2019
Image: Lisa Lake/Getty

The singer continues to describe the harsh details of his illness: “COVID left my body within seven to 10 days, but then pneumonia developed, and that’s what got me (really sick).”

“I ended up getting blood clots in my lungs and stuff like that. That’s when everything went down. It was pretty gnarly for a while because my oxygen had dipped to 76. And if anyone knows anything about oxygen levels, you’re not supposed to go below 95…” he explains. “I was pretty emotional, pretty nervous about wondering if I was coming out of this. (My doctor told me): ‘I’ve gotta tell you, man, when you came in, I was really nervous for you. And most people that come in in that condition, they don’t leave with a happy ending.'”

This ongoing struggle with the virus comes following Erna’s more controversial statements on the pandemic last year.

In a previous interview with The Mistress Carrie Podcast in 2021, the Godsmack vocalist stated that the coronavirus, while being a threat to the elderly, wasn’t a “global killer”; later inferring that the official government death count from the virus had been inflated.

“It’s doing damage, and it’s certainly affecting the elderly, and we pray for them, and we are really sympathetic towards that, and that’s why we’re all wearing masks,” he said. “[But] there’s a lot of us that aren’t afraid of COVID, […] the reality is this isn’t a global killer.”

Further details on the upcoming Godsmack album have yet to be announced.
Find the full interview with Sully Erna on the 101.1 WJRR Radio Station.