Ted Nugent says “There is no systemic racism. It’s a lie… We fixed that”

He instead stated that antifascist protesters who “hate America, hate God” are more of a terrorist threat than white supremacists.

Ted Nugent

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Guitarist and singer Ted Nugent has stated that systemic racism in the USA has been “fixed,” and instead posited that “Black Lives Matter terrorists and Antifa and Democrat supporters” are a much bigger problem.

As noted by Blabbermouth, Nugent’s latest controversial statements came as part of his regular live-stream broadcast, in which he said: “There is no systemic racism. It’s a lie. There isn’t any systemic racism. We fixed that. It’s 2021, and there’s no white supremacy. It’s not a threat. White supremacists haven’t burned down Seattle or Portland. They didn’t burn down Kenosha. They didn’t burn down Minneapolis. Those were so-called Black Lives Matter terrorists and Antifa and Democrat supporters who hate America, hate God, hate family, hate freedom, hate the Constitution, hate the Bill Of Rights, hate hard-working Americans.

“They are the terrorists. Black Lives Matter, Antifa. Those are the terrorists. They burn down cities and destroy things. There are no white supremacists doing that. There might be a couple of dirtbag white supremacists out there, but they’re virtually inconsequential. It’s bullshit.”

“So, be careful of the propaganda ministry and the censorship of big tech, who literally censors the president of the United States,” he added, before clarifying: “Not this goofball in the White House now, but Donald Trump.

Nugent added, while speaking in a live video streamed to his Facebook page, which has over 3.7 million followers, and his less popular (but still 90,000-subscriber-strong) YouTube channel: “They suppress Shemane and I because we stand up for God, family, country, Constitution, Bill Of Rights, the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, the Declaration Of Independence, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, and law and order.”

Nugent’s statement that systemic racism has been “fixed” follows a turbulent year in America, where outrage was sparked by police officer Derek Chauvin murdering George Floyd, a Black man who had been accused of using a counterfeit $20 bill. The protests that followed demanded police reform, and rallied against the US’ history of often racialised police brutality.

His assertion also goes against a large amount of data that demonstrates the systemic disparities between Black and White people in the USA. Statistics published by Business Insider, for example, highlight large differences in income, educational mobility, access to healthcare, and disproportionate representation in the country’s incarcerated population.

The US department of justice also states that, across 2019, the majority of hate crimes carried out had a racial or ethnic aspect, with the second-most common basis being religion.

Nugent has recently denied accusations of racism, saying that “Everybody who pays attention… know that I have paid homage and reverence to the black heroes of music all my life, which means I’m the anti-racist. So if you find somebody who calls Ted Nugent a racist, you are looking at a subhuman piece of shit who lives a lie.”

Nugent apologised in 2014, after calling then-president Barack Obama a “communist-educated, communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel.” He apologised specifically for using the term “subhuman mongrel” but stood by his political criticisms of the president.

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