Ted Nugent says governors are “dirty, rotten, soulless bastards” for placing restrictions on Thanksgiving gatherings

The holiday takes place this week.

Ted Nugent

Image: Chris McKay / Getty

US Thanksgiving is approaching, and in the light of the pandemic which has defined 2020, governors have placed various restrictions on the size of gatherings, and reiterated official advice not to travel. Outspoken rock musician Ted Nugent has railed against the restrictions, however, encouraging fans to call officials and protest the measures.

“There are dirty, rotten, soulless bastards in positions of power that are trying to tell us how we can celebrate Thanksgiving with our families,” Nugent said in an episode of his Spirit Campfire live show. “We need to escape that ugliness – not turn our back on it, because we need to raise hell and let our mayors and our governors and our senators and congressmen know: you can’t tell me how many people I have at Thanksgiving … You’re not in charge of my Thanksgiving. We are in charge of our Thanksgiving. You’ve got to express that to those people.

“If everybody out there in America wants to be the ultimate ‘we the people’ and experiment the ultimate self-government, express yourself firmly,” he continued. “You don’t scream, you don’t swear at ’em. I’m tempted to, but I don’t. But I make sure they answer my questions. And if they don’t, I tell ’em I’ll call ’em back later.

“’It’s two o’clock on Monday. You can’t answer this question now. How about if I call you on Wednesday at two o’clock? Because I’m not gonna let you off the hook. You’re gonna answer these questions or I’m gonna spread the word that you’re a power abuser and we’re gonna fire you.’”

Nugent’s comments come as coronavirus cases near 200,000 a day in the US, continuing to spike. Restrictions surrounding Thanksgiving gatherings vary from state to state: ranging from a limit on the number of people present at each gathering to reiterating the official advice from the CDC: don’t travel.

Relatedly, Nugent was among the musicians who weighed in with their thoughts on the recent projected results of the election. He lamented Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ projected victory, taking to Facebook to live-stream his reaction: “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris represent the devil party. They’ve said they hate America.”

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