The Mars Volta announce first album in 10 years alongside new single Vigil

Vigil follows the previous singles Graveyard Love and Blacklight Shine.

The Mars Volta have announced a new self-titled album that will be their first in a decade alongside the album’s third single, Vigil.

The core of Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopéz will release The Mars Volta on 16 September, the first album from the group since sixth album Noctourniquet was released back in 2012.

Billed as “the most exciting and accessible music” from The Mars Volta so far, fans can now pre-order the album, which will be available on cassette and CD exclusively via Cloud Hill. A special ‘Kinetic Edition’ vinyl is also available, which features gold foiled outer sleeve with embossed art with a lined inner sleeve to protect the record.


More information can be found at Cloud Hill’s store.

The band also released the third single from their self-titled record alongside the announcement, which follows the previous singles Graveyard Love and Blacklight Shine. The track, titled Vigil, sees Bixler-Zavala back in fine form as he roars the lyrics “And if you want, I can bury him out / By the salt of sea, in an empty grave / The past has a way of comin’ clean.”

Listen to The Mars Volta’s Vigil below.

The band teased the arrival of new music on June 19 with a mysterious cube that appeared in Los Angeles’ Grand Park. This audiovisual art installation titled L’ytome Hodorxí Telesterion ran throughout the release date on 21 June, with a digital version of the experience launched on 1 July.

There have long been rumours that The Mars Volta would reform in some fashion, with Bixler-Zavala hinting at the band’s reprise in 2019 saying, “It’s NOT going to be is your ‘fav member lineup’ playing their ‘classic records’ in full etc. Maybe we’ll play old shit, who knows how we feel.”


He continued by saying that there were, “No deadlines, no ball tripping, no drama, just 2 grown ass men using essential oils and bold new perfumes shooting ideas and scooting their ass across the fucking lawn trying to get rid of these worms.”