Listen: The Offspring put a punk spin on Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

They “tried not to wreck it.”

Punk legends The Offspring have released their own take on Darlene Love’s holiday classic Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).

While it may only be 5 November, Offspring frontman Dexter Holland explained the choice to cover the tune: “It just seemed like the world could use a nice holiday song right now.” Holland could be referring to a lot of different things, but at least in part is probably making reference to the fact that holiday seasons across the world will look incredibly different to how we’re used to. “We’ve always been huge fans of Darlene Love,” he continued, “so when the idea came up to do a Christmas song, we jumped at the chance to record that one…and tried not to wreck it.”

If the festive lyrics weren’t enough, The Offspring’s version retains the sleigh bells of the original – although it stops short of keeping the horn section. You can take a listen below. Producing the track was the legendary Bob Rock.


The song will also be pressed on a limited edition, holiday red 7-inch vinyl with a custom etching on the B-side of the band’s logo.

In other guitar-related Christmas-creep news, today also saw the first festive-themed gear launch, with Manson Guitar Works announcing the MA EVO Red Santa guitar. It comes with a number of exciting custom mod options, including a touchscreen MIDI controller as well as a Sustaniac pickup system.

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