Watch: Tyler Bryant performs at Live from his Nashville studio

Performing songs from the Shakedown’s upcoming record, Pressure. Live: Tyler Bryant gave a stripped-back performance from his home studio in Nashville, Tennessee, performing with nothing but a Mule resonator, a slide and his voice.

The performance comes ahead of the new album from Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, entitled Pressure, and Tyler treated us to a few tracks from it: Hitchhiker, Hold My Breath, Crazy Days and Coastin’.

When the new album was announced, Bryant spoke of how the difficulties of creating in lockdown drove the process behind it. “We were backed into a corner with the world shutting down and knew our only response was to turn up loud in a basement and make something. Everyone feels pressure in their life at certain points, it’s often difficult to know how to cope, and this was our way of dealing with things,” he said.

“There were countless limitations to making this album in lockdown, but these limitations ultimately fuelled us creatively. We had no rules, and the road blocks we encountered forced us to find other ways to the destination we were hell bent on reaching.

“Our goal with this album was to empower ourselves to push back against the pressures we were feeling until something beautiful happened. We hope it inspires others to do the same. Now is the time for us to send the needle into the red.”

Find out more about the album at, and see more performances from over at


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