Unreleased “Holy Grail” Led Zeppelin show from 1971 tour to be released as a bootleg

Rare live versions of Four Sticks and Gallows Pole coming your way.

A new Led Zeppelin bootleg will soon be released into the wild in the coming months.

Underground Japanese label Tarantura — which specialises in bootleg recordings — announced on 16 May that it will release a bootleg recording of Led Zeppelin’s 4 May, 1971 performance in Odense, Denmark.

Known for its release of high quality recordings and often fancy packaging, the label is responsible for several of the notable Led Zeppelin releases, including the 19-CD box set A Week For Badgeholders which featured the band’s Los Angeles shows of 1977.


According to a Facebook page run by a collector who specialises in rare titles and bootlegs from Japan, “Tarantura label is very proud to announce that the complete Led Zeppelin concert, which has never been in circulation before, will be released shortly.”

“It is a real Holy Grail, as it is May 4, 1971 Odense show that has been hoarded for over 51 years! The biggest surprise, apart from very good sound quality, is that the tape features live versions of Four Sticks and Gallows Pole, performed just a day prior on the famous Copenhagen show on May 3, 1971,” the now-hidden post read (per Led Zeppelin News).

The supposed inclusion of a 4 May, 1971 audience recording of a live performance of Four Sticks would likely be the tape’s highlight, as there is currently only one known recorded live performance of the song from the audience tape of the band’s previous night in Copenhagen.

Previously, there were several photos circulating online of two-disc CDR copies of a claimed recording of the 4 May, 1971 show taped by someone called “The Kif Man” as well as a cassette tape of the same show that was labelled “Kifcord Tapes”.

As for whether or not the recording is from the same source as the CDR copies, the collector could not confirm, but wrote that he “[thinks] these CDRs might be sourced from a master that is now in the hands of our Japanese friends.”

Tight But Loose editor and Zeppelin archivist Dave Lewis also commented on Facebook that “this looks like being some find” after the news broke.


That said, no additional details have been shared by Tarantura as of yet, though more information should be released soon.

Meanwhile, here are the list of songs performed by Led Zeppelin during their 1971 tour, which gives an indication of the recordings we might get in the bootleg release:

  1. Immigrant Song
  2. Heartbreaker
  3. Since I’ve Been Loving You
  4. Dazed and Confused
  5. Black Dog
  6. Celebration Day
  7. Stairway to Heaven
  8. Tangerine
  9. That’s the Way
  10. What Is and What Should Never Be
  11. Four Sticks
  12. Gallows Pole
  13. Whole Lotta Love
  14. Communication Breakdown