Kirk Hammett Vs. Mrs Smith: The wah-off of the century?

Ask not for whom the pedal wahs, it wahs for thee.

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett is known far and wide for many things, not only being in one of the biggest heavy metal bands of all time, but also for his love of wah pedals. Seldom does an online video of him playing go without ironic “needs more wah” jokes in the comments section, and perhaps not without reason. In a 2016 interview about Metallica’s recent LP Hardwired… to Self-Destruct, Hammett revealed he used three wahs simultaneously on the song Hardwired.

The tongue-in-cheek association between Hammett and excessive wah has led him to be crowned unofficial leader of a cult of wah-abusers, representing a nation of guitarists who could never fathom playing anything higher than the 7th fret without first stepping on a Cry Baby. But Hammet’s position was challenged last year by shred guitarist Mrs Smith, on an episode of the Mark Agnesi show:


“I abuse the wah more than Kirk Hammett and I’ve challenged him multiple times to a wah-off,” she told Agnesi, before reiterating her challenge. “Why are you hiding behind your wah-wah pedal, Kirk Hammett?”

But Hammett has finally emerged from behind his protective wah pedal, and set a date for the ultimate wah-off – the Cry Baby Battle Royale. The two guitarists will go head to head (or as the announcement puts it, foot to foot) on 8 March, at The Senate venue, Columbia, SC. The night will also see Hammett’s Wedding Band play, with some more special guests.

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‪KIRK HAMMETT VS. MRS. SMITH‬ ‪CRY BABY BATTLE ROYALE‬ ‪March 8 at The Senate in Columbia, SC‬ ‪ ‬ ‪Who would dare challenge the status of @KirkHammett as King of the Cry Baby Wah Pedal? His reign has long been undisputed and recognized by millions of fans the world over, not to mention Wah manufacturers, @jimdunlopusa, who feature a Kirk Hammett Signature model. Last year, the gauntlet was thrown down by a most unlikely challenger… Mrs. Smith! New York City-based philanthropist, emerging guitar goddess, and lover of all cats (as well as some people), @smithcatmrs has dared to proclaim that she is, in fact, the #1 Abuser of the Wah. Kirk has accepted her challenge, and now these two will finally go head to head (foot to foot?) in a Cry Baby Battle Royale for the ages on March 8th at The Senate in Columbia, SC! Get tickets for this once in a lifetime showdown now! LINK IN KIRK’S BIO #CryBabyBattleRoyale #WAHOFF #kirkhammett #smithcatmrs‬

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