Watch Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos perform a unique loop piece for Meris

The Tera Melos Guitarist weaves strange ambience out of stranger gear.

Nick Reinhart, solo artist and guitarist of rock/electronic outfit Tera Melos, sat down with effects manufacturer Meris to perform an exclusive track.

He uses a smiley-faced array of two Alesis Air devices – the left eye an Alesis Air FX, and the right an Alesis Air Synth. These, alongside his guitar, are fed into a sprawling pedalboard while drum loops from a Roland SP404 lay the beats for what turns out to be an ambient composition with plenty of interlocking synth lines.

After the performance, Nick breaks down his use of his chosen gear, singling out the Meris Enzo as having played a significant role in creating the track. Its pitch-shifted squarewave synth tones inspired Nick to pair his guitar with drum loops to create the basis for the piece.


Watch the performance in full above. Listen to more of Nick’s solo work here.