Watch: Robert Fripp obeys his master in Sunday Lunch cover of Metallica’s Master Of Puppets

"So we finally found out who pulls the strings in the Fripp-cox household!"

Robert Fripp and his wife, singer Toyah have posted their latest Sunday Lunch cover, this time dancing along and singing to Metallica‘s iconic Master Of Puppets, the title track of the 1986 album of the same name.

In the video, Fripp’s arms dangle from rope as Toyah looms over him like a puppet master, belting out the words to the song in the process. “So we finally found out who pulls the strings in the Frippcox household,” reads the caption to the episode.

Watch it below:


On Saturday (14 November) the couple also shared another instalment of their Burning Questions series, in which they answered fan questions on camera. This time, the couple touched on the responsibilities of each being touring musicians and how that’s worked into the equation of being a couple.

“My professional life has really been very close to endless grief which doesn’t mean it doesn’t have [triumphant joy],” Fripp said. “For me, the musical exchange between musician, audience and music is sacred and it’s a vocation – you’re called upon to address it; this goes beyond the profession.”

“You have to suffer and engage with the profession to get to something beyond that,” he continued. “Do I [feel the need] to be on stage? No. Do I embrace that as a piece of work? joyfully and gratefully. And it takes [me] away from my wife which is often frequently heartbreaking, how do I engage with that? I suffer!”

Toyah added: “I only feel like I am me when i’m on stage. I find every other aspect of life quite challenging, and I think if I hadn’t met my husband I would be a single woman.”

“We are live musicians and we are trying to approach a way where we can be more creative within this house together using technology so we can still perform and still do music without having to go away so much in a world that needs people to travel less.”