Watch Wilco play hide and seek in their new music video for Everyone Hides

Jeff Tweedy’s bandmates make their way across Chicago.

Wilco have released a new music video for Everyone Hides, a track from their upcoming album Ode To Joy.

Director Jamie Fleischel’s video takes the song’s title literally: Wilco interrupt their own jam session with an impromptu game of hide and seek. Jeff Tweedy’s bandmates take off to different spots in their home base of Chicago, from a local record store to one of the towers of Marina City, the building Wilco immortalised on the cover of their influential 2001-2002 record, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. The shenanigans conclude with a full-band rooftop performance.

Wilco will release Ode to Joy, their 11th studio album, on 4 October via dBpm Records. It comes two years after their last record, Schmilco, and six months after Tweedy’s last solo record, Warmer.


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