Watch: Zane Carney performs exclusively for Live

Using a brand new Heritage Custom Core H-150, the virtuosic session man performs exclusively for the virtual guitar show Live: Zane Carney’s musical career has taken him all over the world performing and writing with various projects and artists, from Avril Lavigne to Broadway’s “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark”.

These days, he’s mastered the art of the live stream, captivating audiences from the comforts of his home studio.

Here, he performs a special live performance for Live utilising a brand-new Heritage Custom Core H-150 and delivers the show of musicality and guitar skill he’s known for.


Moving between sultry, intricate guitar lines, octave solos and brazing distorted chords, the highly-regarded player delivers a 45-minute set of original material, again showcasing his innate ability to move between being a hired gun and respected musician in his own right. Watch the whole performance above.

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