Yngwie Malmsteen says he won’t hire a vocalist for next tour: “No singer. Just me”

“I know what I'm doing – exactly – I don't need a producer, I don't need a co-writer, I don't need any of that stuff.”

Yngwie Malmsteen has said that he won’t be hiring a vocalist for his next tour, suggesting that he might be taking on vocal duties himself.

Malmsteen gave the comment while speaking on yesterday’s (15 June) episode of Rob Rush Radio. The renowned shredder is set to release his 22nd solo album, Parabellum on 23 July 2021

When asked whether he would be hiring a vocalist for the tour to support the album, Malmsteen said: “No. No singer. Just me.”


Four of the album’s songs feature vocal tracks sung by Malmsteen himself, suggesting the guitar virtuoso may take to the microphone himself while onstage for his tour.

Elsewhere in the interview, Malmsteen spoke about the album and his personal working style. “I consider myself more like a painter or something,” he said.

“A painter, he paints the front, he paints the background, he paints the sides. He doesn’t go, ‘Hey, can you come and paint the other half of my painting?’ I can’t work like that. I’m sorry.”

He continued: “I’m so grateful for everything that’s happened to me, and mostly because I have creative freedom.”

Parabellum was an entirely self-recorded and self-produced effort, which Malmsteen explained he created with “a very clear vision” in mind.

“The songs are already in my head before recording, I know what I’m doing – exactly – I don’t need a producer, I don’t need a co-writer, I don’t need any of that stuff.”


Last month, the virtuoso shared the lead single from Parabellum, titled Wolves At The Door.