MXR launches four new pedals

They include an EVH chorus, an upgraded Dyna Comp, and beautifully illustrated finishes for the Phase 90 and Carbon Copy.

MXR Phase 90 Carbon Copy ilovedust

The Phase 90 (left) and Carbon Copy (right) with new ilovedust-designed graphics

At Summer NAMM 2018, MXR announced two brand-new pedals and fresh coats of paint for two of its most iconic stompboxes. Here’s the run-down:

ilovedust Phase 90 and Carbon Copy

MXR may be known for its no-frills, utilitarian design, but these two stompboxes fly in the face of that notion.

The brand has tapped UK design studio ilovedust to slap on new, hallucinogenic graphics for limited-edition runs of the iconic Phase 90 and Carbon Copy. Everything else on both stompboxes remain unchanged.

EVH 5150 Chorus

EVH 5150 Chorus

This modulation pedal is based on the chorus unit that Eddie Van Halen deployed on his recordings from the early ’80s. It’s designed to add texture and dimension to your notes, and has a fairly standard “Volume,” “Tone” and “Intensity” knobs to achieve that.

But to keep the device compatible with modern-day rigs, the 5150 Chorus has input and output level pads, mono and stereo outputs, and the ability to switch between true and buffered bypass.

Dyna Comp Deluxe Compressor

MXR Dyna Comp Deluxe

Your favorite two-knob compressor pedal just grew bigger. Based on the integrated circuit of those script Dyna Comp units, the Dyna Comp Deluxe adds more tone-sculpting potential through three new controls: “Clean” and “Tone” knobs, and an “Attack” button.

“Clean” lets you blend in dry signal, while “Tone” tightens up the wet signal. And the “Attack” button toggles between what MXR calls a “vintage-style slow attack time” and a “modern-style fast attack time.” The “Output” and “Sensitivity” knobs are identical to those on existing Dyna Comps—they control your volume level and sustain length, respectively.

For more info, check out jimdunlop.com.

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