MXR releases the Tenth Anniversary Carbon Copy Analog Delay

Celebrating a decade of bucket-brigade goodness.

MXR has launched a new edition of the Carbon Copy Analog Delay to celebrate the pedal’s tenth anniversary.

The stompbox, which uses analog bucket brigade technology to deliver warm delay trails, received a handsome new enclosure in this update: The original green sparkle chassis has given way to a lightweight aluminum frame with a metallic silver finish. The Carbon Copy’s characteristic controls and sounds remain.

The pedal’s faceplate features three knobs—”Mix,” “Delay,” and “Regen”—which need little explanation. There’s also a “MOD” switch that, when engaged, may be used in two ways: to add a wash of vintage tape flutters to the delay, or inject both richness and depth to repeats.

For the adventurous, the Carbon Copy has adjustable width and rate trimpots within its enclosure that allow further customization of the modulation effects.

Retails for $149.99. More information at jimdunlop.com.

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