Mythos drops new boost and overdrive pedals

The Cestus is a straightforward clean boost while the Herculean V2 is an overdrive with a wide swathe of tones.

The folks at Mythos Pedals have thrown the curtains off two new gain pedals at Summer NAMM 2018: the Cestus and the Herculean V2.

Like many clean boosts, the Cestus is a simple one-knob wonder. It provides up to 30 dB of boost, which is voiced to “add some sparkle and just the right amount of grit,” according to Mythos.

On the other hand, the Herculean V2 is an overdrive whose many tones fall just short of the titular hero’s 12 tasks. It’s an updated take on one of Mythos’ first stompboxes, and can go from a fat boost to a midrange-y OD to “quasi D-style amp tones,” the company claims.

Besides the regular “Volume” and “Gain” controls, the Herculean offers “Clarity” and “Bass” knobs. The former dials in—or removes—transparency to make your dark-sounding guitar brighter, or vice versa. And “Bass” goes from a slight bass cut at the lowest setting, to a richer low end at around noon, to a thick growl further up.

The Cestus retails for $139, and the Herculean V2 retails for $199. For more info, check out mythospedals.com.

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