News: Babicz announces a new Gibson-style bridge

Babicz has announced a new range of full contact bass bridges to retrofit to Gibson-style 3 point bridges. The Babicz bridge defines itself on giving your bass better sustain and tone.

The original Babicz Full Contact Bass Bridge is one of the most popular direct replacements for conventional Fender-style bridges and a hit with pro bassists as diverse as ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill, Jeff Berlin, Dallon Weeks from Panic! At The Disco and UK bass legend Dave Swift. The striking, high-mass design has also become standard equipment on a wide range of commercial instruments… from Dean, Meridian and Peavey to the Bass Centre’s own Bass Collection range.

Babicz 3pt Bass Bridge Gibson Thunderbird 2015

As the name suggests, Babicz Full Contact Hardware provides complete contact between strings and body and a dramatic improvement to sustain, tonal quality & performance. Courtesy of the patented “eCAM” saddle, string height and intonation can be set with pinpoint precision, without adding space or air gaps between the saddle and the body of the guitar. Adjustments are firmly secured via a unique dual locking mechanism, ensuring that the bridge saddle can never “sink” or “shift” while playing.

Now, Gibson players can reap the benefits of “Full Contact” with the Babicz FCH 3-Point Bass Bridge – an impressively engineered, modern upgrade for the conventional Gibson 3-Point bass bridge that will deliver massive improvements in sustain, dynamic range and stability as well as enhanced, secure control over action and intonation adjustments.

Babicz 3pt Bass Bridge Gibson SG

The same bridge used on Gibson’s new 2015 Thunderbird and SG basses, the Babicz FCH 3-Point model (in Chrome, Black & Gold finishes) is supplied complete with three mounting studs, optional 1/8” shim plate, adjustment wrench and comprehensive, step-by-step installation instructions.

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