NEXI Industries unveils the Slim Starter pedalboard

The smaller, slimmer pedalboard works identically to the company’s other models: You only need to strap your stompboxes in to start rocking.

Nexi Slim Starter

For those who haven’t bought into NEXI’s stompbox system, the company is lowering the barrier to entry with the Slim Starter.

The pedalboard is the smallest and slimmest among NEXI’s offerings, allowing you to string together four analog pedals with daisy chains and power adapters all sorted out. The catch: You’ve either gotta use the brand’s own analog pedals or get an adapter, called the “ConNEXI,” for your existing ones.

A tuner, three-step booster and power supply are built into the pedalboard itself. If you have NEXI pedals, all you need to do is snap the enclosure into one of the four pedal slots on the Slim Starter—no worrying about power, Velcro, daisy-chain cables and so on. But if you own, say, a Boss pedal, then you’ll need to attach that to a ConNEXI before securing it to a pedal slot.

NEXI Racing Slim Starter
The Slim Starter with racing stripes

Besides those, the Slim Starter sports a balanced XLR out and an unbalanced 1/4-inch out. And it comes in a grungy “Racing Stripe” design, too.

The NEXI Slim Starter will be available in July. For more information, check out


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