Noisemaker Blue Loveless
The Blue Loveless

Noisemaker Industries has just released custom-built, limited-edition versions for five of its popular pedals: The Blue Loveless, Mother Russia Fuzz, Kawaii Khaos, Nebula Classic and Isn’t Anything.

The Blue Loveless and Isn’t Anything—both fuzz-reverb pedals that strive to capture Kevin Shields’ cascades of noise—are now emblazoned with scaled-down versions of My Bloody Valentine album covers. (Or in the case of the Blue Loveless, a reference to the Korean tribute album?) The Nebula Classic reverb-delay is just as trippy, taking inspiration from the heavenly bodies.

And there’s also the Kawaii Khaos shimmer-echo and the Big Muff-emulating Mother Russia Fuzz. Both come with anime-style graphics that look way too cute for your pedalboard.

There are extremely limited quantities of each, so hurry on if you’re looking for a fashionable upgrade to your rig.

The five pedals list for $129 each. For more information, check out

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Noisemaker Isn't Anything
The Isn’t Anything
The Nebula
Noisemaker Kawaii Khaos
The Kawaii Khaos
Noisemaker Mother Russia Fuzz
The Mother Russia Fuzz