Nordstrand Audio releases the Nordenbocker Pickup

The Nordenbocker is the Rickenbacker-friendly version of Nordstrand’s popular Big Single pickup.

Fallen in love with a Rickenbacker 4003, only to find that the neck pickup lacks a little oomph? Rekindle old flames with the new Nordenbocker, which is identical to Nordstrand’s Big Single but in a Rickenbacker-friendly housing.

This means you can swap out the neck pickup on your Rickenbacker for this one. Expect louder and more aggressive tones, as well as dead silence when you’re not playing. The crafters at Nordstrand have designed this puppy to eliminate unwanted signal noise (the infamous 60-cycle hum) when both pickups are engaged.

Other features of the Nordenbocker include angled poles, Alnico V magnets, laser-cut vulcanized fiber bobbins and wax potting in a paraffin-beeswax mix.

The Nordenbocker lists for $113. for more information, check out


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