OD Guitars debuts the Minerva, a headless beast

This djent axe is poised for noise.

OD Guitars has unveiled the Minerva, a headless addition to its stable of left-field guitars. As with all of the brand’s other axes, this one is named after a Roman deity—in this case, the goddess of wisdom.

It’s a feat of ergonomic design, and is fully customizable. OD presents a smorgasbord of options, which can get overwhelming. Begin with selecting between a six-, seven- or eight-string version, and then you can start to really spec out your dream axe.

There’s a range of tonewoods, fretboards, scale lengths, and electronic and hardware setups to choose from. As for pickups, OD lists Bare Knuckle humbuckers as the sole option, but leaves the specific model up for discussion.


The base model Minerva lists for $3,500. More information at od-guitars.com.