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Outlaw Effects reveals the Nomad pedalboard

Outlaw Effects reveals the Nomad pedalboard

Outlaw’s latest release is poised to become a traveling musician’s best friend. Appropriately named the Nomad, it’s a powered pedalboard that the brand claims has over ten hours of juice in a single charge.

Outlaw nomad pedalboard accessories
The NOMAD M128

The Nomad is available in two sizes: the NOMAD-S128 (19.25 by 5.25 inches) and the NOMAD M128 (19.25 by 11 inches). Respectively, they’re single- and double-row boards. They both include a 12,800 mAh lithium-ion battery that has a fast, three-hour charge time. The outputs of the power supplies are:

  • Seven nine-volt DC outputs
  • Two 12-volt DC outputs
  • One switchable 18- or 24-volt DC output

The Nomad also comes with a wide array of cables, pedal mounting tape and cable ties, and a gig bag.

The S128 and the M128 retail for $159 and $179, respectively. More information at outlawguitareffects.com.