Pedaltrain introduces the SST Chromatic Tuner

This space-saving chromatic tuner slides right between your pedals.

Pedaltrain Space Saving Tuner

Pedaltrain has debuted the SST Chromatic Tuner, a lighter-sized gadget that’s perfect for a crowded pedalboard.

Measuring only 3.375 by 0.875 -inches, this tuner is designed to fit between your pedals, and if space permits, even under adjacent 1/4-inch jacks. The SST is powered and connected via three flexible dongles: an input and an output jack, and a nine-volt power connector.

And as for performance, it may be small, but the SST gets the job done. It boasts fast, accurate tuning (+/- one cent) that’s displayed clearly on a bright LED screen. There are also eight tuning reference pitches – from A438 to A445 – to choose from.

For optimal accuracy, Pedaltrain recommends connecting the SST to a volume pedal’s “tuner-out” jack.

Retails for $59.99. More information at


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