Radial Engineering’s new preamp will beef up your acoustic tone

The Tonebone AC-Driver is a preamp for acoustic instruments that reduces feedback, maintains signal integrity and streamlines your stage performances.

Radial Engineering has just released the Tonebone AC-Driver, a high-quality preamp for acoustic instruments that’s primarily designed for stage use.

The stompbox features a Class-A buffer circuit that “ensures pristine audio quality,” according to Radial, while preventing signal degradation from long chains of cables or pedals. A balanced XLR output means you can go straight to the board, and a 1/4-inch line out lets you connect to a stage amp to monitor yourself. A “Mute” footswitch—the only one on the stompbox—is designed for you to tune your instrument silently on stage.

The more advanced features on the AC-Driver are its low-cut filter and phase adjustment function. The former lets you cut out unwanted low frequencies, while the latter allows you to reduce feedback at hot spots around the stage.

The AC-Driver lists for $149.99. For more information, check out tonebone.com.

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