Ramble FX unveils analog overdrive pedal with digital features

Besides delivering sweet, all-analog overdriven tones, the Kismet lets you save and cycle through up to four presets.

Ramble FX has announced the Kismet, an overdrive/distortion pedal that features a two-stage distortion sculpting, an all-analog audio path, and digital functionalities that enhance user-friendliness and versatility.

Progressive diode clipping is responsible for the overdriven tones of the Kismet: Two sets of diodes clip at different levels, progressively sculpt the distortion. According to Ramble, this gives the stompbox a wide and musical gain range, creating sounds that range from a mild overdrive to something with a compressed, grittier bite.

But being analog-driven doesn’t mean it’s lacking in features. The Kismet packs a digital microcontroller, which enables you to save and activate up to four setting presets. Tweak your tone to taste with the “Volume,” “Gain,” “Bass,” “Mids” and “Treble” knobs, then fiddle with a switch to save your favorite preset. A footswitch lets you call up a preset easily.

If you hook up an expression pedal, you can elicit even more sounds from the Kismet. It lets you use the expression pedal to ‘morph’ or ‘sweep’ from one preset to another.

The Kismet lists for $249.99, and will ship later this month. For more information, check out ramblefx.com.

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