Rockfabrik Mind Abuse MKII

Metal and hard rock guitarists have a new stompbox to look out for: Rockfabrik Effects’ Mind Abuse MKII. It’s a distortion pedal that’s designed for articulate, high-gain and transparent tones—ideal for riffs both foreboding and frenetic.

Mind Abuse packs three distortion modes: Modern, Classic and Vintage. Modern is built for drop-tuned guitars and seven- or eight-string axes; Classic references the sounds of ’90s rock and heavy metal; and Vintage is a mid-boosted dirt channel with a touch less gain.

A three-band equalizer and the usual “Gain” and “Volume” knobs offer the only tone-sculpting options on this simple, but striking, stompbox.

The Mind Abuse MKII retails for EUR 219. For more info, check out