Rocktron’s new rackmount preamp replicates iconic British tones

The ValveSonic Plexi is ideal for those who want some of that British crunch.

rocktron valvesonic plexi preamp

Rocktron has unveiled the new ValveSonic Plexi, a rackmount preamp that is designed to reproduce classic British tones in all their glory. From the original ’65 Plexis to the acclaimed ’80s JCM800s to the modern JCM2000s, this unit claims to replicate all of them—and then some.

The tube-powered ValveSonic Plexi comes with a host of features that maximizes your options. For starters, the “1-2” switch affects the input signal. Stay on position 1 for a ‘modern’ sound, or flick to position 2 for a ‘fatter, classic’ tone made famous by vintage British amps.

The “Bright” control lets you dial in five levels of brightness. The “Boost,” in combination with the “+” switch, gives you a choice between ’80s or ’90s British vibes. And for distortion junkies out there, the “Afterburner” switch provides yet another gain stage after the EQ section.

To round things up, the “EQ 1 & 2” switch lets you choose between two equalizer styles—found in modern and vintage amplifiers—and the “High Cut” control rolls off some of the ‘sizzle’ associated with high gain settings.

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