Schuyler Dean Pickups launches Vintage Copperhead Pickups

These vintage Jazzmaster pickups are engineered for clarity.

Schuyler Dean Pickups is taking the Jazzmaster back to its vintage origins with a new pickup set built for the guitar.

The company designed these pickups as a response to its contention that most manufacturers today make their Jazzmaster pups too hot. So in terms of tone, the Vintage Copperhead set offers a perfect balance of lows, mids and highs.

The single-coils use vintage-spec’ed gray bobbins, hand-wound Alnico V rod magnets, and plain enamel wire—just like how they used to do it in the old days. The pickups also have a copper-plated Tele baseplate that the company claims offers refined lows. Additionally, the pickups are reverse-wound/reverse-polarity to cancel hum while in the middle position.

Watch the pickups in action here:

The Vintage Copperhead set of two pickups lists for $195. More information at schuylerdeanpickups.com.

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