Solar Guitars adds eight electrics to its roster

Ola Englund’s company is on the up and up.

Solar Guitars A1.6ET
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Eight new electric guitars are joining Solar Guitars’ line-up of formidable rock and metal axes—not bad for a company that YouTube hero and The Haunted guitarist Ola Englund founded last November.

These include Super Strats, Explorer-style shapes, as well as left-handed and seven-string models. Check them out here:


Solar Guitars A1.6ETC

The Super Strat takes the ‘stealth’ aesthetic and runs with it: It has all-black hardware, an ebony fretboard, glow-in-the-dark side dots, and a Carbon Black Matte finish on an alder body. Two Seymour Duncan Solar humbuckers—designed specifically for Englund’s brand—power the six-string, while an EverTune bridge ensures tuning stability.

Other features include a flat 13.7-inch-radius fretboard, a 25.5-inch scale length, dramatic cutaway scoops, 24 super jumbo frets and a thin “C”-shaped maple neck.

The A1.6ETC lists for $999.


Solar Guitars A1.6ET

Think of this as the angelic version of the previous guitar. It’s identical in every way save for the White Matte finish and maple fretboard.

The A1.6ET lists for $999.


Solar Guitars A.16ET LH

Lefties can get in on the Super Strat action with this left-handed model. However, it’s only available in a Trans Blue Matte finish, which shows off the grain of its swamp ash body.

The A1.6ET LH lists for $1,049.

A2.7 & A2.7 LH

Solar Guitars A2.7

The A2.7 is a blazing red beauty that’s similar to the A1.6ETC model with a few crucial differences: It has seven strings, a stock fixed bridge, and a swamp ash body.

And the A.27 LH is a left-handed version of the guitar, identical in every other way.

Both  A2.7 and A.27 LH list for $799.


Solar Guitars E1.6ETC

“E” probably stands for “Explorer”—and this Solar model updates the classic Gibson shape with sharper points, beveled armrests, and a wicked-looking headstock. The E1.6ETC is as stealthy as the A1.6ETC, and shares the same tonewoods, hardware and pickups. The biggest difference between the two is the scale length: This model has a shorter, Gibson-spec’ed 24.75-inch length.

The E1.6ETC lists for $1,099.


Solar Guitars E2.6

A more affordable version of the former, the E2.6 swaps out the EverTune bridge for a Tune-o-matic-style one, alder for swamp ash, and the killer all-black finish for a bright, Trans Blood Red Matte sheen.

The E2.6 lists for $799.


Solar Guitars S1.6ETC

This “S” model bears a sleeker, ‘Ibanez-ier’ body shape as compared to the “A” guitars. Gone are the scooped cutaways, while white headstock, neck and body bindings rim the guitar’s all-black finish.

It’s still very much a Super Strat, though. The S1.6ETC is pretty much identical to the A1.6ETC, features-, hardware- and electronics-wise.

The S1.6ETC lists for $1,099.

For more information, check out solar-guitars.com.

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