solar guitars A1.6-FRC

Solar Guitars has added yet another model to its line of guitars: the Floyd Rose-furnished A1.6FRC in Carbon Black Matte finish.

The new model boasts a Floyd Rose 1000 tremolo system that’s built from hardened steel and brass. It caters for a dynamic vibrato while mechanically muting tremolo springs to eliminate unwanted noise.

Soundwise, the guitar is loaded with two Duncan Solar Alnico V humbuckers that offer a spectrum of tones, from organic cleans to heavy overdrive. The pickups are governed by master “Volume” and “Tone” knobs as well as a five-way blade switch.

Solar Guitars A1.6FRC Carbon Black Matte

Elsewhere, the guitar features an alder body with a set-through maple neck and an ebony fingerboard. A single top inlay of Solar’s logo adorns the 12th fret. In terms of hardware, there’s a locking nut that complements the tremolo system as well as a set of sturdy Grover 18:1 tuners.

Hear the guitar in action here:

Pre-orders at EUR 799. More information at