The PedalStation 1 crams four effects into a Sony PlayStation console

Comes with overdrive, distortion, boost and delay (but no video games).

Self-described tinkerer Thiago Ferri’s pedal-building habit has taken a bizarre turn with his new PedalStation 1, an analog multi-effects pedal housed within an original Sony PlayStation.

The PedalStation 1 houses four effects: an Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808, ProCo Rat, Electro-Harmonix LPB-1 and a Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay. The combination of effects mirrors Ferri’s own effects lineup which he uses for rehearsals. Both the Tube Screamer and Rat feature the clipping mod and the Deep Blue has been modified for an increased maximum number of repetitions.

The retro-styled multi-effects also features true-bypass switching, an internal 9V power source and a P4 output to power other pedals. The entirety of the PedalStation 1 was handmade by Ferri, right down to the internal modification of the housing. He even installed a metal handle on the back of the housing for easy transportation.


While there is no mention of the PedalStation 1 going up for sale nor is there any news of Ferri taking any custom orders for it, it still is a cool little project that reminds us of how imaginative DIY pedal builds can be.

Check out the video demo of the PedalStation 1 below:

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??: A lot of people asked me to record a video showing the #PedalStation in action. Okay! But don't expect any mega production, haha. The demo starts at 6 minutes, before I talk a little about the project and answer some general questions. In BR-Portuguese. Sorry. FB LINK IS IN MY BIO ??: Muita gente pediu pra gravar um vídeo mostrando o PedalStation em ação. Tá aí! Mas não esperem uma mega produção, haha. A Demo começa aos 6 minutos, antes eu conto um pouco do pedal e tiro algumas dúvidas gerais. LINK NA MINHA BIO. _______________________________________________________________________________ #Handmade #Handwired #HandCrafted #Pedalboard #Pedalporn #Guitar #Music #guitargear #GAS #DIY #guitarporn #pedal #pedalboardmadness #mammothelectronics #boutiquepedals #knowyourtone #gearwire #gearnerds #geartalk #effectsdatabase #thefuzzpage #sony #playstation #ps1 #overdrive #knowyourtone #distortion

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