SoundBrut announces a big FU

It’s actually the name of its new, silicon-based fuzz box.

SoundBrut FU fuzz

SoundBrut has been killing it with nasty, psych rock-inclined dirt boxes. So it comes as no surprise that its latest pedal is a fuzz.

The FU, according to the Swedish company, is a “modern-voiced silicon fuzz pedal” that’s capable of “scorching amounts of gain, sharp attacks and blossoming harmonics.”

And the pedal has SoundBrut’s custom tone stack to thank for that. Last seen on the DRVA, this six-way dial provides mid-cut voicings to transform your fuzz tone from calm to cacophonous. Besides that, “Volume” and “Gain” knobs are all the tone-tweaking tools on this simple stompbox.

The FU will debut at Summer NAMM 2018.

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