Suhr announces the Reactive Load IR

This compact load box is touted as a replacement for speaker cabinets.

Suhr Reactive Load IR

Suhr has unveiled the Reactive Load IR, a load box that builds on the brand’s original one-knob Reactive Load. It’s a versatile tool that excels in various settings.

As its name suggests, the new model features impulse response technology. It comes with 16 Suhr speaker cab impulse responses that have been expertly captured by Celestion. You can also import alternatives via USB.

For recordings, you’ll be able to capture the distinct qualities of your amp by running audio through the load box and into a DAW.

It’s also ideal for quiet practice: connect an audio source to the aux-in jack, put on a pair of headphones and jam to your favourite tracks. On stage, the load box allows you to easily dial in perfectly mic’d guitar sounds, eliminating the hassle of mic’ing up conventional speaker cabinets.

Although there’s a lot going on under the hood, the load box has a surprisingly simple control layout. Here’s a closer look:

  • IR Select knob:
    • Selects between the 16 speaker cab impulse responses
  • HP Level knob:
    • Sets the level of IR output that’s sent to headphones
  • DI Level knob:
    • Sets the volume of balanced/unbalanced outputs
  • Signal switch:
    • Toggle this switch to engage a boost of six dB
    • The boost works best with low-wattage amps
  • Hi-Cut switch:
    • Toggle this switch to engage the Hi-Cut function
    • Comes in handy when driving an amp

On the back panel, you will find the input and thru jacks, as well as DI/line outs and USB port.

Retails at $599. More information at


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