The Doomstick Fuzz is a one-knob wonder

Mr Black’s latest stompbox is a mean machine built for drop tunings and ‘chugga-chugga’ riffage.

Mr Black Doomstick Fuzz

The Doomstick Fuzz impresses not because it’s packed with features but precisely the opposite: It really doesn’t have any.

The newest pedal from Mr Black is an aggressively gated fuzz that’s built for loud, muscular and gargantuan riffs, preferably in drop tunings. There’s only one dial to negotiate, which, as the brand said, “is not sensitive” at all—the knob will take you from heavy to even heavier.

The fuzz itself sounds as though it were built for stoner rock, doom metal and other sludgy genres. This certainly isn’t the creamy, singing fuzz of decades past.

Listen to the Doomstick Fuzz here:


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