The Dweller Phase Repeater is no average phaser

Old Blood Noise Endeavors’ new stompbox lets you tinker with the most minute of phase parameters.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dwell Phase Repeater

Old Blood Noise Endeavors has just released the Dweller Phase Repeater, a new phaser that lets you take charge of your phase and vibe sounds down to the tiniest of details.

Begin your journey by selecting one of three wave shapes—sine, triangle and random step—in either four- or eight-stage voices. You can shape the phaser’s rate, depth and intensity with the usual array of controls, or configure it to 100% wet with a “Mix” knob. That removes the attack of your strings to coax eerie modulated tones from your guitar.

But the Dweller has a unique trick up its sleeve: the “Stretch” dial. This literally stretches the delay time between each of the phaser stages, creating anything from distorted modulation effects to resonant step-filter sounds. You can even control this pot on the fly with an expression pedal.

Listen to it here:

The Dweller Phase Repeater retails for $199. For more info, check out


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