Good news for those aching to try out Gamechanger Audio’s new Plasma Pedal. Thanks to the magic of robotics and live-streaming, you can now test this pedal out for yourself online.

It’s simple: Upload an audio clip to the Plasma Pedal website and dial in your EQ settings. The website will then ‘electrify’ your clip based on your preferences, before uploading it to a live YouTube feed.

Announced in January, the Plasma Pedal converts your signal into a rapid series of continuous high-voltage discharges within a xenon-filled tube. Those discharges are then converted back into an analog audio signal, leaving you with a saturated, hot-as-hell and almost-screeching distortion that sounds as though it was made for chunky rhythm and staccato lead playing.

The Plasma Pedal lists for $199 on Indiegogo, and is due to ship in August 2018. For more information, check out